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Introduction: Android library to Legofy any image
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Android library to Legofy any image.

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See the application in action:

Legofy in action


  • Convert any Bitmap into a legofied version
  • Upscale low resolution bitmaps
  • Limit output size to 1080px to avoid out of memory exceptions

How to use

  1. Add the Jitpack repository to your project:
         repositories {
             maven { url "" }
  2. Add a dependency on the library:
         compile 'com.github.JeroenMols:Legofy:0.0.1-beta'
  3. Legofy a Bitmap
         Bitmap legofiedBitmap = Legofy.with(this).convert(bitmap);
         Bitmap legofiedBitmap = Legofy.with(this).amountOfBricks(40).convert(bitmap);

Next steps

  • Drawable/ImageView with a dissolve effect
  • Support for Picasso
  • Synchronous/Asynchronous API
  • Specify image size
  • High resolution options
  • Library that applies a Lego effect to an existing bitmap (first draft done)




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