Project Url: IramML/UberClone
Introduction: App like Uber, rider and driver application
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Setup Guide

Setup firebase

  • Add a new project your Firebase console
  • Add a new Android application, you have to do add 2 applicatitons, driver and rider one.
  • Then go to the project settings > Cloud Messaging. On this tab you will copy the Server Key. You will put that key in common/ConfigApp.java file on CLOUD_MESSAGING_SERVER_GEY constant on rider and driver apps

Setup Google APIs

  • Go to your Google cloud platform and select your project or create a new project.
  • Search and active this API keys:
    • Places SDK for Android
    • Maps SDK for Android
    • Directions API
  • Go to your Credentials, create an API Key
  • You will put that API key in common/ConfigApp.java file on GOOGLE_API_KEY constant on driver and rider apps


Driver Application Rider Application
ScreenshotDriverApp00 ScreenshotRiderApp00
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