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Android Environments plugin helps us to avoid manual declaration of build config fields in each of the build types or product flavors. It's no longer required to write buildConfigField for every single field.

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How to install

Add next fields in your root build.gradle file: Using plugin DSL:

plugins {
  id "android.environments" version "1.0.3"

Using legacy plugin application:

buildscript {
  repositories {
    maven {
      url ""
  dependencies {
    classpath ""

apply plugin: "android.environments"

Then setup your application build.gradle file:

apply plugin: ''

android {
    environments {
        useBuildTypes = true
        useProductFlavors = true

How to use

Just add environments extension in your project build.gradle file and set it up. This extension provides you a way to define your configuration file location and build config field rules.


environments { 
    // Environments root directory.
    // Default value - "config" 
    configPath = "config"
    // Set to true when you need to use custom environments on each 
    // build types(debug or release).
    // Default value - false
    useBuildTypes = true 
    // Set to true when you need to use custom environments on each
    // product flavor.
    // Default value - false
    useProductFlavors = true
    // Configuration file format
    // Select on of available type for your config file [json,yml,properties - default value]
    format = "properties"

Then you'll be able to locate all of your configuration files by build types and product flavors folders. Plugin will read all files with format passed in extension.

Configuration directory!

Plugin supports next file extensions:.json,.yml or .properties(by default)"debug value"

Plugin is intellegent enough to automatically convert your environment fields to the known types (String, Integer, Long, Float or Boolean).

public final class BuildConfig {
  // Fields from the variant
  public static final String KEY_FLAVOR_VALUE = "free_value";
  // Fields from build type: debug
  public static final String KEY_BUILD_TYPE_VALUE = "debug value";
  public static final Float KEY_FLOAT = 32.1f;
  public static final Integer KEY_INT = 123;
  public static final Long KEY_LONG = 78L;
  public static final Boolean KEY_SOME_BOOLEAN = true;
  public static final String TEST_VALUE = "MY_TEST_VALUE";


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Before changes:

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    ae-$(issue-number): $short-task-description
    ae-3: Add JSON config reader property
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  6. When syntax analyzer find some problems with code quality or test quality, please fix it or write the causes of deterioration in github issue.
  7. Create pull-request and, optionally, assign some contributors to it.


Copyright (C) 2019 Ilya Pavlovskii

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
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