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Introduction: weex 的自然滑动的加载更多 list
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该 fork 基于最新 Weex-dev,调整了 Weex 默认的 list 加载更多方式,简单暴力修改了源码,使其拥有自然滑动加载更多的能力。【仅修改了 Android】 考虑到目前 WEEX 处于发展阶段,因此该修改仅仅用作前期需求的满足,因此不修改至官方的 SDK。

代码较 low,采用我 15 年的代码嵌套完成,仅完成功能和初步效果,请有需要的使用或修改。 直接将该 fork 引入项目中替换原本官方的 sdk 即可,修改了 WXRecyclerView 以及 Swipe 的代码。 效果图如下:



如果你有什么需要改进的,请提交到该 fork。


AndroidDownload iOSPod version HTML5npm version

A framework for building Mobile cross-platform UI.

CircleCI Gitter (English Gitter) Gitter (Chinese 中文聊天室)

Support Android 4.1 (API 16) and iOS 7.0+. See Weex website for more information.

For Windows

Please INSTALL Git for Windows and run all the following commands in git-bash.

Meet Weex

  • Install Weex Playground App to see examples we already written.
  • If you want to write a demo, install weex-toolkit in Node.js 4.0+ and
  • Run weex init to generate & start a simple project in an empty folder.
  • Follow the instructions in the project README.
  • Enjoy it.

Use Weex


  1. Prerequisites
    1. Install Node.js 4.0+
    2. Under project root
      1. npm install, install project
      2. ./start
    3. Install Android Environment
  2. Run playground, In Android Studio
    1. Open android/playground
    2. In app/java/com.alibaba.weex/IndexActivity, modify CURRENT_IP to your local IP
    3. Click (Run button)
  3. Add an example


On Android Platform , Weex code is executed in weex_v8core which is based on Google V8 JavaScript engine.


  1. Prerequisites
    1. Install Node.js 4.0+
    2. Under project root
      1. npm install, install project
      2. ./start
    3. Install iOS Environment
    4. Install CocoaPods
  2. Run playground
    1. cd ios/playground
    2. pod install
    3. Open WeexDemo.xcworkspace in Xcode
    4. Click (Run button) or use default shortcut cmd + r in Xcode
    5. If you want to run the demo on your device. In DemoDefine.h(you can search this file by Xcode default shortcut cmd + shift + o), modify CURRENT_IP to your local IP
  3. Add an example


See SCRIPTS.md for more information.

IDE Plugin & Syntax Highlight & DevTool

See Weex Community Wiki page

Weex team have developed a DevTool to help you to improve we file debug efficiency.


See FAQ for more information.

Community based Weex knowledge site

  • weex article : article collection about Weex(文章集合)
  • weex.help : 3rd forum about Weex(第三方 Weex 中文技术论坛)
  • gitter.im chinese room : an instant message chat room about Weex(Weex 中文聊天室)


See Weex Contributing Guide for more information.

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