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Introduction: ProGuard, Java optimizer and obfuscator
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This distribution contains the following directories:

  • bin : simple wrapper scripts to run ProGuard, its GUI, and ReTrace
  • lib : the main jars, compiled and ready to use with "java -jar ...."
  • examples : some example configuration files and projects

It also contains the source code and build scripts:

  • core : the ProGuard core
  • retrace : the ReTrace tool
  • gui : the ProGuard/ReTrace GUI
  • gradle : the ProGuard Gradle plugin
  • ant : the ProGuard Ant plugin
  • wtk : the ProGuard WTK plugin
  • annotations : the optional annotations to configure ProGuard
  • buildscripts : various alternative build scripts

The best place to start is the on-line manual.


If you want to give ProGuard a spin right away, try processing the ProGuard jar itself:

cd examples/standalone
../../bin/ @

The resulting proguard_out.jar contains the same application, but it's a lot smaller.

Android example

If you want to see this version of ProGuard integrated in an Android project, you can look at the small Android HelloWorld project:

cd examples/android
gradle assembleRelease


You can download ProGuard in various forms:


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