Introduction: Yet another Android Profiler for AOSP .trace files
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This is tool for analyzing method trace files .trace files like Android Profiler but works faster, has convenient control, user bookmarks and custom highlighting.



find in trace

For Russian speaking developers there is a video guide


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Mac OS X

  1. Open DMG file
  2. Drag Android Methods Profiler icon into Applications shurtcut
  3. Open Applications and right mouse click on Android Methods Profiler and select "Open" (only first launch)


Open terminal and execute sudo dpkg -i android-methods-profiler_{YOUR_VERSION}_all.deb

If some older files cannot be overwritten, try sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite android-methods-profiler_{YOUR_VERSION}_all.deb

To launch type in terminal andoid-methods-profiler or yamp. Or you can open in menu by pressing Meta


Read about keymap there


Helps to mark some methods in trace. Bookmarks are saved automatically after you add new one. Bookmarks are stored in $HOME/android-profile-viewer/markers folder. The easiest way to add bookmark is to click on the method and press m key. In the opened dialog enter bookmark name and select color.

You can share current opened trace file with your bookmarks in single file by File -> Export trace with bookmarks or Ctrl + Shift + e , then select new file name and send single *.twb file to anyone who has AndroidMethodsProfiler v20.06.22.0 or newer.

*.twbfile is zip archive with .trace and .marker files

Add bookmarks

New Trace Recording

After first launch you will see Setup android sdk home dialog, please enter path to Android SDK Home like $ANDROID_HOME and it will be stored in settings file

Setup Android SDK

After clicking on New Trace icon or pressing Ctrl + n record new trace dialog will be opened. Saved .trace files will be placed in $HOME/android-profile-viewer/trace folder

In the opened dialog package field is required, activity name is optional. If you entered activity name then application will start after clicking Start button. If activity field is empty - you need to start application manually, or it can already be running.

Sampling parameter: The lower the value, the more accurate the report will be, but the greater the load on the mobile phone CPU. For old device, like nexus 5X I prefer 1000 microseconds.

You can select two record mode:

  • Sample Java Methods : Captures your app’s call stack at frequent intervals during your app’s Java-based code execution.
  • Trace Java Methods : Instruments your app at runtime to record a timestamp at the beginning and end of each method call.

More information about recording modes

Record new trace

Report generator

Generates flat list of methods with duration. Can be filtered by duration and/or is current method constructor.


  • #9ac7fa Choreographer.doFrame
  • #96dbcc measuring
  • #c989ff layouting
  • #749efa inflating
  • #faa9da drawing
  • #ffa7a3 request layout

Also you can add custom highlighting: highlighting mapping placed in $HOME/android-methods-profiler/colors.json for example:

    "filter": "com.example",
    "color": "FF9595"

will highlight all methods of classes started with com.example.

colors.json will be created automatically with sample highlighting

Find class or methods

To find class or method you should press Ctrl + f or manually click to searching field. Type class name and/or method name for example SomeClass.someMethod and press Enter.

If current thread data contains any matches to the mask "*.SomeClass.someMethod.*" then these elements will be highlighted and the focus will be on the first element found.

If you want to find methods that ends with SomeClass.someMethod then type SomeClass.someMethod() and profiler will find any matches to the mask "*.SomeClass.someMethod".

If there is no results in current thread, profiler will search it in another threads and ask you to switch to another thread if threre is any results - this can be very useful!


Settings are stored in $HOME/android-methods-profiler/.android-methods-profiler-settings.json


If you entered activity name in New trace dialog and see "Wait for application..." status, but application is started - try to close Android Studio and record again.

To scale application on hi-res displays on linux, try to edit /opt/android-methods-profiler/app/android-methods-profiler.cfg and enter -Dsun.java2d.uiScale=2 below [JVMOptions]

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YAMP is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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