Introduction: Yet another android layout inspector
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More stable Android Layout inspector than Android Studio Layout Inspector. Allows you to switch between displaying dimensions in PX and DP (only for new layout captures, not for opened files)


Searching mode


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Find YALI in AS plugins repository.


1) Download latest release 2) Preferences -> Plugins -> Install plugin from Disk... 3) Select android-layout-inspector-plugin-{VERSION}.jar

Getting started

Menu Tools -> Launch YALI

Why Yet another android layout inspector?

Because AS layout inspector sometimes cannot download layouts for some reasons. Also you can switch to DP dimension mode.

Measure distance between two element

1) Select first element by Mouse click - it will be select by red square 2) Select second element by Mouse click + Ctrl(Cmd) - it will be select by yellow square.

In the status bar will shown distance between first and second

Measure distance with ruler

1) Press Shift and move mouse to see where will be first point of ruler (black rectangle) 2) Mouse click + Shift to start ruler mode 3) Mouse drag + Shift to change ruler size You will see ruler size in current units in status bar



Ctrl + o - Open file dialog

Ctrl + n - Record new layout

Layout tree

Ctrl + c - Copy node name

Ctrl + Shift + c - Copy node ID

Mouse click + Ctrl - Select element to measure distance from selected to current.

Mouse drag + Shift - Measure ruler.

Mouse right click - Show distance from selected view to current point.

Properties table

Ctrl + c - Copy property value


Ctrl + f - Open find dialog (type text and press Enter)


z - reset zoom to 100% f - fit zoom to layout panel width

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Yet another android layout inspector is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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