Introduction: A simple android app to enable Google Location Report, Google Now and related functions in China mainland or somewhere like.
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A simple android app which enables Google Location Report, Google Now and related functions in China.


There are two variants of this app, the general one is for the users only rooted and the xposed one is for the users have xposed framwork.

In general, I suggest to use the xposed one, which is more clear and stable.

General variant

This version sets two variables once the device boot completes or the sim card is ready.

  • set gsm.sim.operator.numeric to 310030
  • set gsm.sim.operator.iso-country to us (to enable the Google Maps' timeline)
  • after version 1.4.1, you can set it to any value you want (be cautious to use it)

Download: https://github.com/GhostFlying/LocationReportEnabler/releases

Xposed variant

To make the project structure clean, all code and releases of the xposed version are moved to https://github.com/GhostFlying/LocationReportEnablerXposed

You can find apks at https://github.com/GhostFlying/LocationReportEnablerXposed/releases or xposed repo.

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