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This is a sample Android app that demonstrates how to use Firebase Authentication, Crashlytics, Cloud Firestore and Hilt with Jetpack Compose UI. Make it So is a simple to-do list application that allows the user to add and edit to-do items, add flags, priorities, due dates, and mark the tasks as completed.

To explain how each product above was used in the code, we've written a series of articles that delve into creating this app from scratch. Part 1 of this series has an overview of what you can do with this app and how it is structured. Part 2 shows how to implement login and sign up flows using Firebase Authentication. Part 3 covers how to add Firebase Crashlytics to handle crashes and display messages to the user. Part 4 is all about Cloud Firestore: it covers how to listen to changes on the stored items and update the UI based on these events.

Setting up

In order for this app to work, you will need to create a Firebase project:


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