Introduction: Faceunity 面部跟踪和虚拟道具 SDK 在 Android 平台中的集成 Demo
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FULiveDemoDroid 是 Android 平台上,集成相芯人脸跟踪及视频特效开发包(简 Nama SDK)的集成示例。

集成了 Faceunity 面部跟踪、美颜、Animoji、道具贴纸、AR 面具、换脸、表情识别、音乐滤镜、背景分割、手势识别、哈哈镜、人像光照以及人像驱动等功能。


相关文档位于本项目 docs 目录,包括:

  1. AndroidNama_Demo运行文档.md ,介绍如何运行 demo。
  2. AndroidNama_SDK集成文档.md ,介绍如何在宿主 App 中集成 Nama SDK。
  3. AndroidNama_Java_API参考文档.md,Nama SDK Android 接口定义。


FULiveDemoDroid is an integration example, that integrates Faceunity's Face AR SDK (aka Nama SDK) on Android platform.

This example has integrated various interesting features of Faceunity's Face AR SDK, such as Face landmarks and expressions tracking, Face Beautification, Animoji, Stickers, AR Mask, Face Tranfer, Musical Filters, Background Segmentation, Hand Gestures Detection, Face Warping, Live Photo, etc.


Related documents locate in ./docs directory, including:

  1. Android_Nama_Demo_Guide.md, this illustrate how to run this demo.
  2. Android_Nama_SDK_Integration_Guide.md , this illustrate how to integrate the SDK into the host app.
  3. Android_Nama_Java_API_Reference.md,this show SDK's Android Java API Reference.
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