Introduction: Libraries for running a GraphQL server in Kotlin
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GraphQL Kotlin consists of number of libraries that aim to simplify running a GraphQL server in Kotlin.

📦 Modules

⌨️ Usage

Below is a basic example of how graphql-kotlin-schema-generator converts your Kotlin code into a GraphQL schema. For more details, see our documentation below or in the individual module READMEs

// Your existing Kotlin code

data class Widget(val id: Int, val value: String)

class WidgetService {
  fun widgetById(id: Int): Widget? {
    // grabs widget from a data source, might return null

// Generate the schema

val config = SchemaGeneratorConfig(supportedPackages = listOf("org.example"))
val queries = listOf(TopLevelObject(WidgetService()))

toSchema(config, queries)

will generate

type Query {
  widgetById(id: Int!): Widget

type Widget {
  id: Int!
  value: String!

📋 Documentation

Examples and documentation are available on our documentation, or in each module README file.

If you have a question about something you can not find in our documentation, the indivdual modules, or javadocs, feel free to create an issue and tag it with the question label.

👥 Contact

This project is part of Expedia Group Open Source but also maintained by a dedicated team

✏️ Contributing

To get started, please fork the repo and checkout a new branch. You can then build the library locally with Gradle

shell script ./gradlew clean build

See more info in

⚖️ License

This library is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

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