Introduction: Elder driver Xposed Framework.
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A Riru module trying to provide a ART hooking framework (initially for Android Pie) which delivers consistent APIs with the OG Xposed, leveraging YAHFA (or SandHook) hooking framework.

Supported versions

  • Android Oreo (8.0, 8.1)
  • Android Pie (9.0)

For devices with Android 7.x and lower, original Xposed is strongly recommended.

Build requirements

Same as Riru-Core's and zip binaries can be downloaded from here.


  1. Execute task :edxp-core:[zip|push][Yahfa|Sandhook]Release to build flashable zip for corresponding variant.
  2. Find the flashable under edxp-core/release/.
  3. Flash the zip in recovery mode or via Magisk Manager.


  1. Install Magisk v19.0+.
  2. Install Riru-Core v19+ from Magisk repo.
  3. Download EdXposed and install it in Magisk Manager or recovery mode.
  4. Install companion application.
  5. Reboot.
  6. Have fun! :)

Companion applications

Known issues

  • May not be compatible with all ART devices.
  • File access services are not implemented yet, now EdXp simply uses magiskpolicy to enable needed SELinux policies.

Get help


  • Apparently this framework is far from stable and all kinds of PRs are welcome. :)
  • Buy me a coffee if you like my work.


  • YAHFA: the core ART hooking framework
  • Magisk: makes all these possible
  • Riru: provides a way to inject codes into zygote process
  • XposedBridge: the OG xposed framework APIs
  • dexmaker and dalvikdx: to dynamiclly generate YAHFA hooker classes
  • Whale: used for inline hooking
  • SandHook: ART hooking framework for SandHook variant
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