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Introduction: Catdea Intellij IDEA (Android Studio) Plugin intended to match Android Logcat log entries with the source code that emit them
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Catdea Plugin intended to match Android Logcat log entries with the source code that emit them, thereby providing navigation and interactivity, in order to simplify debugging or reverse engineering.

Plugin uses pre-compile-time calculations to identify log emitters in the source code, thus, no RegExp patterns required.


Install from JetBrains Plugins Repository or get from latest release and choose it in IDE (FileSettingsPluginsInstall Plugin from Disk).


  • Logcat Monitor Tool Window
    In this tool window, you can view and analyze Logcat output with syntax highlighting and navigation to the source code.

Logcat feature screencast

  • Provides navigation from log entry to the source code that emit it, and vice versa.

Click NavigateDeclaration menu on log entry to go to the emitter. Click NavigateRelated symbol... menu on the call in source code, or click gutter icon Gutter navigation icon to go to the log entry.

Navigation feature screencast

  • Folding
    Collapse and expand log entry's package name or tag. Use CodeFolding menu or shortcuts.

Folding feature screencast

  • Highlighting
    Highlight log entries with the same tag and log entries, that do not match to the code

Highlighting feature screencast

  • Log files support

    Save Logcat output to file with extensions .log, .logcat or .logdump for later analysis in offline mode.

  • Flexible log format

    Only log level, tag and message are required to provide navigation.

  • Syntax highlighting and colors settings

    Tune your color preferences (FileSettingsEditorColor SchemeCatdea).

  • Log wrappers support

    Custom classes that wraps Android Log functionality will be recognized as log emitters automatically.

Consider the following class SecLog, which is a wrapper on the android.util.Log:

import android.util.Log;

public final class SecLog {
    public static final String TAG = "["+ SecLog.class.getSimpleName() + "]";

    public static void i(@NonNull String tag, @Nullable String msg) {
        if (msg != null) {
            Log.i(TAG, tag + ": " + msg);

Then call of SecLog.i method like this:

SecLog.i(TAG, "onSignup() called with: isSuccess = [" + isSuccess + "]");

will be recognized as log emitter.

Gutter icon Gutter navigation icon will appear and provide navigation to the log entry. If emitter is identified, but there are no log entries matched it - icon Gutter not found icon will be shown.

  • Format strings support

    Catdea is able to identify log emitter that uses String.format and others.

    Log.d(TAG, String.format("generatePassword(%d) = \"%s\"", length, password));
  • (Un)comment log entry

    Use CodeComment with Line Comment menu or shortcut on the log entry.

  • Logs View in Project-View

    Logs view groups all Logcat dump files into one place for better management.

Project view screenshot


  • 1.1 Android Logcat Monitor Tool Window
  • 1.0 Initial release
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