Introduction: Get android keyboard height using an overlay popup-window
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Getting keyboard height in android it's a pain in the ass. For activities where soft input mode is adjustResize, you can set up an OnGlobalLayoutListener and measure how the activity window is resized, to make room for the keyboard.

For other modes of soft input mode, you're out of luck. As the android brick-heads refuse to solve this problem even after 28 iterations of SDK development, someone came with a cool solution:

  • create a pop-up window and observe it's global layout changes
  • set it's soft input behaviour as adjustResize
  • attach this popup window to your activity and let it report the keyboard height, based on it's layout changes.

Set up

Add the following repo to your project

    repositories {
        maven {
            url  ""

Add the following dependency to your project:

    implementation 'com.hold1:keyboardheightprovider:0.0.9'


  1. Keep a reference to KeyboardHeightProvider in your activity.

         private var keyboardHeightProvider: KeyboardHeightProvider? = null
  2. Create a KeyboardListener

         private fun getKeyboardListener() = object : KeyboardHeightProvider.KeyboardListener {
             override fun onHeightChanged(height: Int) {
                 sizeText.text = "$height"
  3. Create the height provider after your activity has been created and register the listener.

         override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {
             keyboardHeightProvider = KeyboardHeightProvider(this)
  4. Override activity lifecycle and make sure you notify the KeyboardHeightProvider

         override fun onResume() {
         override fun onPause() {

Also the KeyboardInfo object provides information about the current state of the keyboard, and it's cached height.


All credits for this project goes to Siebe Brouwer. He had a great idea of using an android PopupWindow in order to extract the keyboard height in activities where you don't want to use the adjustResize behaviour.

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