Introduction: All Material Colors easily accessible from Jetpack Compose
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A little utility that brings all Material Colors from the 2014 pallet to your Jetpack Compose project.

A richer selection of colors

The Colors class that comes with Jetpack Compose provides a few default colors but they are limited and not very exciting.

MaterialColors provides a richer set of colors that you can use in your project. The colors come from the Material Design 2014 pallete.


repositories {
dependencies {
    implementation "com.composables:materialcolors:1.0.0"

Quick start

Use the MaterialColors object, along with the color and shade you need:

Text("Hello world!", color = MaterialColors.Gray[900])
Box(modifier = Modifier.background(MaterialColors.Amber[400]).clip(CircleShape))

Should I use this to create my color scheme?

In modern versions of Android, the system can generate the colors for you, using Material You.

Those colors are picked automatically from the user's set wallpaper and it is the recommended way to create your color scheme.

If you still want to create a color scheme with fixed colors you can do it like this:

fun AppTheme(
    content: @Composable () -> Unit
) {
        colors = lightColorScheme(
            surfaceVariant = MaterialColors.Amber[100],
            primary = MaterialColors.Amber[800],
            onSurfaceVariant = MaterialColors.Brown[900],
            onSurface = MaterialColors.Amber[900]
        content = content


Made by Alex Styl (@alexstyl).

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