Introduction: Forked JustEnoughItems with better code, and a better owner.
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HadEnoughItems is an Item and Recipe viewing mod for Minecraft with a focus on stability, performance, and ease of use.

This means (same as JEI of course):

  • Just items and recipes
  • Clean API for developers
  • Not a coremod – no dependencies other than Forge.

    New features in HEI:

  • Memory optimizations
  • Load time optimizations
  • Render optimizations
  • Able to change default fluid containers for when you pick up fluids from the ingredient menu
  • Able to fill fluid containers by clicking on fluids in the ingredient menu
  • Able to order bookmarks differently
  • Consider diacritics when searching
  • Removable "Recipe By" tooltip in recipe menu
  • More information available in recipe tabs
  • Better ordering of recipes in certain contexts
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