Introduction: Kotlin Coroutine-based workers for native
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  • Supported on Native and JVM
  • Kotlin 1.3.41


This library helps unify and support coroutine background thread usage in common code for Kotlin/Native, until kotlinx.coroutines has support for native, multi-threaded coroutines. This library doesn't support every use case (but could support more with your help!), but it does support some useful ones:

Spawning Asynchronous Work

val worker = CoroutineWorker.execute {
  // - In here, `this` is a `CoroutineScope`
  // - Run suspend functions, call launch, etc.
  // - This code runs in a thread pool

// Tells the worker to cancel (uses standard coroutine cancellation)

// Tells the worker to cancel; it suspends until cancellation is finished

Waiting on Asynchronous Work to Complete

val result = CoroutineWorker.performAndWait {
  // This is similar to execute, but it returns
  // the result of the work at the end of this lambda
print(result) // prints 1

Lower-Level Helpers

  • Use threadSafeSuspendCallback to bridge callback-style async work out to your platform back into your library as a suspend fun (see example usages in the library).

Important Notes

  • Closures passed to execute and performAndWait are automatically frozen, so be careful about what your closure captures (e.g. implicit references to this)!
  • The result value from performAndWait is also frozen.
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