Introduction: A Gradle plugin for configuring Kotlin/Native with Cocoapods
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A Gradle plugin which handles creating a podspec for a local Kotlin/Native project. The generated podspec properly integrates your project with cocoapods, and release/debug fat binaries will be created and linked when you compile the xcode project. Using this plugin means you do not need to manually set up xcode or the packForXcode task as described in the documentation.


buildscript {
  repositories {
  dependencies {
    classpath 'com.alecstrong:cocoapods-gradle-plugin:0.3.3'

// Cocoapods plugin is only applicable for multiplatform projects with Kotlin/Native
apply plugin: 'org.jetbrains.kotlin.multiplatform'
apply plugin: 'com.alecstrong.cocoapods'

// Optional configuration of plugin.
cocoapods {
  version = "1.0.0-LOCAL" // Defaults to "1.0.0-LOCAL"
  homepage = www.mywebsite.com  // Default to empty
  deploymentTarget = "10.0" // Defaults to "10.0"
  authors = "Ben Asher" // Defaults to empty
  license = "..." // Defaults to empty
  summary = "..." // Defaults to empty
  daemon = true // Defaults to false
  wrapperExecutableName = "gradlew" // Defaults to "gradlew"
  wrapperAdditionalArgs = "..." // Defaults to empty

From this the plugin will generate a task generatePodspec to create a .podspec file in that directory for the kotlin native project.

> Code/Kotlin/gradlew -p Code/Kotlin :common:generatePodspec

The above command is assuming a module structure where Code/Kotlin is the root of your gradle project, and common is a Kotlin Multiplatform module with iOS targets.

Then in your Podfile you can reference the module:

target 'MyProject' do
  pod 'common', :path => 'Code/Kotlin/common'

And that's it! From your iOS project you will be able to import common.

Custom Target

The plugin also includes a custom target which sets up the source sets:

kotlin {

  sourceSets {
    iosMain { ... }
    iosTest { ... }

Doing this will also generate a iosTest task for running tests against this target.

Custom Architectures

By default this packages a fat binary with x64, arm64, and arm32 architectures inside. To override this behavior pass a list of presets into the targetForCocoapods method:

kotlin {
  targetForCocoapods([presets.iosArm64, presets.iosX64], 'ios')

Its also possible to use the full 1.3.20 DSL to customize the targets:

kotlin {
  targetForCocoapods([presets.iosArm64, presets.iosX64], 'ios') {
    compilations.main.extraOpts '-module-name', 'CP'
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