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Introduction: OpenAI API client for Kotlin with multiplatform and coroutines capabilities.
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Kotlin client for OpenAI's API with multiplatform and coroutines capabilities.

📦 Setup

  1. Install OpenAI API Kotlin client by adding the following dependency to your file:
repositories {

dependencies {
    implementation "com.aallam.openai:openai-client:3.2.0"
  1. Choose and add to your dependencies one of Ktor's engines.


Alternatively, you can use openai-client-bom by adding the following dependency to your file

dependencies {
    // import Kotlin API client BOM
    implementation platform('com.aallam.openai:openai-client-bom:3.2.0')

    // define dependencies without versions
    implementation 'com.aallam.openai:openai-client'
    implementation 'io.ktor:ktor-client-okhttp'


In multiplatform projects, add openai client dependency to commonMain, and choose an engine for each target.

⚡️ Getting Started

Create an instance of OpenAI client:

val openAI = OpenAI(apiKey)

Note: OpenAI encourages using environment variables for the API key. Read more.

Use your OpenAI instance to make API requests. Learn more.

Supported features

ℹ️ Sample apps

Sample apps are available under sample, please check the README for running instructions.

📄 License

OpenAI Kotlin API Client is an open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license. This is an unofficial library, it is not affiliated with nor endorsed by OpenAI. Contributions are welcome.

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