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Introduction: 🏡 ALauncher is a simple, lightweight, customizable launcher. ALauncher brings you an amazing experience with even more customization options, stay organized on the go makes your phone faster and easier to use with all-new design and features!
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ALauncher is another launcher

This launcher is based on the o-mr1 version of Amir Zaidi's excellent work, the Rootless Pixel Launcher 3.2:


  • Notification dots
    • on supported devices
  • App shortcuts
    • static shortcuts from android 6.0
    • dynamic shortcuts on support devices
    • extra shortcut option to edit or uninstall apps
  • Dynamic icons on supported devices
    • for Google Calendar
    • for Google Clock
  • Quick actions
    • swipe down for notifications with one finger
    • swipe down for quick settings with two finger
  • At A Glance
    • with a companion app
  • Google Now
    • only for debug builds for now
  • Search UI
    • hide bottom search bar
    • change search provider
    • colored G icon
    • hide app search bar
    • hide app suggestions
  • Look & Feel
    • force light or dark theme, or just based on your wallpaper
    • change Hotseat background
    • change grid sizes
    • change Hotseat icon count
    • change icon sizes
  • Edit apps
    • hide apps from your drawer
    • change icon shapes
    • support
  • Other
    • allow home screen rotation
    • disable spring animation
    • toggle navigation bar transparency
    • lock your desktop to prevent accidental changes
    • double tap to lock

Everything, that is available in Rootless Pixel Launcher, with some added options, such as:

Feedback is greatly appreciated. Any issues please report through mail only to

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