Introduction: A quick and lightweight Notion app
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A quick and lightweight Notion app.

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Adding a page from your Notion will map the contents of the page to a list, supporting add/delete and modify operations. If you have pages in your Notion that are organised like a list, you can add them to NotionLight, which is more efficient and can be used as quick notes or TODO, based on the Notion Api implementation.

将你 Notion 中的页面添加进来,会把页面内容映射成一个列表,支持添加/删除以及修改操作。假如你的 Notion 中有一些组织结构形如列表的页面,那么可以将该页面添加到 NotionLight 中,这会更高效,可以当作快速笔记/便签或者 TODO 使用,基于 Notion Api 实现。

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