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Introduction: Bringing Astrid Tasks back from the dead
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Astrid was a popular cross-platform productivity service that was acquired and discontinued in 2013. The source code from Astrid's open source Android app serves as the basis of Tasks.

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Please visit tasks.org for end user documentation and support

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To get started with development:

  1. Fork and clone the repository
  2. Install and launch Android Studio
  3. Select File > Open, select the Tasks directory, and accept prompts to install missing SDK components

Set up Mapbox

  1. Register at mapbox.com
  2. Add tasks_mapbox_key_debug="<your_api_key>" to your gradle.properties file. You can create an access token or use your default public token

Set up Google Tasks and Google Drive

  1. Register at cloud.google.com
  2. Enable Google Tasks API and Google Drive API
  3. Create android authorization credentials

Set up Google Maps and Google Places

  1. Register at cloud.google.com
  2. Enable Google Maps SDK and Google Places API
  3. Set up an API key
  4. Add tasks_google_key_debug="<your_api_key>" to your gradle.properties file
  5. Select Build > Select Build Variant and choose the googleplay variant
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