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Introduction: 开源的 mobile 行为分析系统,包括 web 端、android 端,支持 ios 和 window phone
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April 2019, Java Enterprise C4J was released. C4J is a low-cost, privatized, full-channel, high-performance user analytics tool.

Visit demo: https://c4j.cn/demo

Application for trial: https://c4j.cn/ucenter/#/apply4trail

Cobub Razor - Open Source Mobile Analytics

Cobub Razor  C4J

Firstly, welcome to access the DEMO website to have a try:

**Cobub Razor Demo - English Version**    **Cobub Razor Demo - Chinese Version**   **Cobub Razor Demo - Japanese Version**    **Cobub Razor Demo - Geman Version**

Cobub Razor is a powerful, open source mobile analytics system. It enables user to monitor the statistics of their mobile Apps and app users' behaviors through providing detailed, multi-dimensions reports on mobile application users. At this moment, it supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone OS platform.

Cobub Razor has two components. Web Cobub Razor is a PHP/MySQL system that you download and install on your Web Server. Another component is Cobub Razor SDK (iOS/Android/WinPhone supported), which is embedded in your mobile application during the development phase.

Cobub Razor is a tool that enables Apps developers and enterprises which have Apps. It can monitor users' behaviors, users' device features, users' clicks, custom event, Apps errors, auto update of Apps and so on. Cobub Razor also helps on notify the users to upgrade version, compare different Apps and compare different distribution channels.

A Chinese introduction video: Cobub Razor Introduction Video - Chinese Version

Cobub Razor Features

Compare to other analytics systems, Cobub Razor has following advantages:

* Private system and data storage
* Real time and detailed Apps usage
* Low cost
* Possible for other data source integration
* Custom reports available
* Fully support mobile devices to visit the reports

Cobub Razor Installation

How to install Cobub Razor: http://docs.cobub.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=884864

DO NOT forget to configure the schedule tasks: http://docs.cobub.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=884913

More details, please visit http://docs.cobub.com

Cobub Razor Issues

Any problems, requests, please submit issues to https://github.com/cobub/razor/issues

Mailing Lists

Subscribe: cobubrazor-subscribe@yahoogroups.com Post Message: cobubrazor@yahoogroups.com

QQ Group

QQ Group

QQ group:194022996


The Cobub Razor software is released under the licenses from the Free Software Foundation. We are using different license for different components in the package of Cobub Razor software:

  • For the web side of Cobub Razor (include the reporting part and data interface), the license of GPL v3 is applied.
  • For the SDK/client side of Cobub Razor (include the version of iOS, Android and other versions), the license of LGPL v3 is applied.
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