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Introduction: Dump wechat messages from android
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WeChat(微信), as the most popular mobile IM app in China, doesn't give users any method to export well-formatted history message. This tool can parse and export WeChat messages on a rooted android phone.

Right now it can dump messages in text-only mode, or generate a single-file html containing voice messages, images, emoji, etc.

NEWS: WeChat 6.0+ uses silk to encode audio. The code is updated.

NEWS: WeChat 6.3 uses a new avatar storage. The code is updated.

HELP NEEDED: Starting from May 2016, the first 1KB of all emojis in resource/emoji are encrypted. Right now I'm using emoji URL which covers most of them.

If you are good at cryptography / reverse engineereing, or you work at Tencent, feel free to contact me or help take a look. It is also possible to recover the image without knowing the first 1KB (just have to detect chunks without knowing metadata), but I don't have time to do that either.

If this tools works for you, please take a moment to add your phone/OS to the wiki. If it doesn't work, please leave an issue together with your phone/OS/wechat version.

How to use:


  • requests
  • python-PIL
  • PyQuery
  • pysox and sox
  • pysqlcipher
  • numpy
  • csscompressor (suggested, optional)
  • adb and rooted android phone connected to a Linux/Mac OSX/Win10+Bash.
  • Silk audio decoder (included; just run ./third-party/compile_silk.sh)
  • gnu-sed

On Debian/Ubuntu systems, these dependencies can be installed via:

sudo apt-get install sox android-tools-adb python-requests python-pil python-pyquery python-numpy libsox-dev libsqlite3-dev libsqlcipher-dev
pip install --user pysqlcipher csscompressor
pip install --user --pre pysox

Get Necessary Data:

  • Get the decrypted WeChat database and the avatar index:

    • Automatic: ./android-interact.sh db-decrypt
    • Manual:

      • Figure out your ${userid} by inspecting the contents of /data/data/com.tencent.mm/MicroMsg on the root filesystem of the device. It should be a 32-character-long name consisting of hexadecimal digits.
      • Get /data/data/com.tencent.mm/MicroMsg/${userid}/{EnMicroMsg.db,sfs/avatar.index} from the device, possible ways are:
        • ./android-interact.sh db
        • Use your rooted file system manager app
      • Get WeChat uin (an integer), possible ways are:
        • ./android-interact.sh uin, which pulls the value from /data/data/com.tencent.mm/shared_prefs/system_config_prefs.xml
        • Login to web wechat, get wxuin=1234567 from document.cookie
      • Get your phone IMEI/MEID number (a positive integer), possible ways are:
        • ./android-interact.sh imei
        • Call *#06# on your phone
        • Find IMEI in system settings
      • Decrypt database, will produce decrypted.db:

          ./decrypt-db.py <path to EnMicroMsg.db> <imei> <uin>

      NOTE: you may need to try different ways to get IMEI/MEID, because things behave differently on different phones. Some phones may have multiple IMEIs, you may need to try them all. See #33.

      If decryption doesn't work, you can also try the password cracker to brute-force the password.

  • Copy the WeChat user resource directory /mnt/sdcard/tencent/MicroMsg/${userid}/{avatar,emoji,image2,sfs,video,voice2} from the phone to the resource directory:

    • ./android-interact.sh res
    • You might need to change RES_DIR in the script if the default is incorrect on your phone.
    • This script needs busybox and base64 on your phone. If they are not available, there is a slow fallback method in the script you can use.
    • This can take a few minutes. One way to do it faster:
      • If there's enough free space on your phone, you can log in and archive all required files via busybox tar with or without compression,
          and use `adb pull` to copy the archive. Note that `busybox` is needed as the Android system's `tar` may choke on long paths.
    • What you'll need in the end is a resource directory with the following subdir: avatar,emoji,image2,sfs,video,voice2.
  • (Optional) Download the emoji cache from here and decompress it under wechat-dump. This will avoid downloading too many emojis during rendering.

      wget -c https://github.com/ppwwyyxx/wechat-dump/releases/download/0.1/emoji.cache.tar.bz2
      tar xf emoji.cache.tar.bz2


  • Parse and dump text messages of every chat (requires decrypted.db):

      ./dump-msg.py decrypted.db output_dir
  • List all chats (requires decrypted.db):

      ./list-chats.py decrypted.db
  • Generate statistical report on text messages (requires output_dir from ./dump-msg.py):

      ./count-message.sh output_dir
  • Dump messages of one contact to html, containing voice messages, emojis, and images (requires decrypted.db, avatar.index, and resource):

      ./dump-html.py "<contact_display_name>"

    The output file is output.html.

    Check ./dump-html.py -h to use different paths.


Screenshots of generated html:


See here for an example html.


  • Attack the emoji encryption problem
  • Fix rare unhandled message types: > 10000 and < 0
  • Better user experiences... see grep 'TODO' wechat -R


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