Introduction: :art: High quality pure Weex demo / 网易严选 App 感受 Weex 开发
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The following is a brief step to run the demo further introduction,you can read this 网易严选 App 感受 WEEX 开发


open Weex Playground , Scan the qrcode below

(no optimizing separately for android)



$ npm install

run web

building web pro

$ npm run build

building web pro & running service

$ npm run dev & npm run serve

run ios

ios packaging requires developer accounts, f not, you can only install it on your own connected iphone through xcode debugging, or virtual machine。

The following is the implementation of the non-developer account

install ios platform

$ weexpack platform add ios

build weex bundles

$ weex build ios

This step is only for packaging, not fully executed, cancel before you enter the bundle id。

further info https://segmentfault.com/a/1190000010984857

next, use xcode to debug, refer to the native debug step.

(Using XCode to open file platforms/ios/WeexDemo.xcworkspace, simple configurate, then run or debug)

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