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Introduction: Minimal presentation tool for Android, perfect for using Takahashi method
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A pure and simple presentation tool for Android inspired by Takahashi method. With simple markup language you can easily make modern-looking text slides. The main idea of such a technique is to visualize speech keynote with no distracting details. Slides with only a few words shown can easily keep the audience aware of the speaker's point.

It is also said to be extremely helpful with Japanese and other eastern languages which use non-Latin alphabets.



View the demo presentation on SlideShare




  • Each paragraph is a slide. Blank lines separate slides
  • Text is rendered using the largest possible font size to fit in the slide bounds
  • Single-line text is centered, otherwise it's left-aligned
  • Dot at the beginning of a line is ignored. It's helpful to "escape" blank lines or special symbols inside a slide

Text style

  • Text surrounded with * is rendered as bold (emphasized). Use ** to render a normal * sign
  • Line starting with # is a header
  • Line starting with ␣␣ (two spaces) is rendered as code (monospace).


  • Line starting with @ inserts an image from the URL (web, dropbox, local device storage)
  • Images may be scaled, e.g @ 30%
  • Images may have certain gravity, e.g. @ top


Get a full understanding of Slide syntax in the following presentation markup:

perfect for keeping
your audience focused

text is *ALL* you've got
text is brief and clear

simple markup syntax

• big font size
• laconic messages
• many slides

@ 140% top
minimal graphics

  int main() {
    return 0;

#Slide is open-source


Check out the presentation on SlideShare


  • Jedux for Redux architecture
  • Anvil for reactive views
  • Immutables for immutable Redux state
  • Material Icons TTF font
  • Standard Android API to render PDF slides

Slide & HTML

There is also a compatible standalone HTML version of Slide. You can make a presentation in a text editor using not only Slide markup but the power of CSS as well. Find out more on the project Github.


Code is distributed under MIT license, feel free to use it in your proprietary projects as well.

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