Introduction: A lightweight library for config and using SharedPreferences
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SharePreferences is very popular with any project and all most all project has SharePreferences for saving data. This library will help you faster in configuration and use SharePreferences in your project. Let's setup and enjoy!


  1. Add to build.gradle in app level
    implementation 'com.github.tntkhang:preferences-helper:1.3.1'
  1. Init the PreferencesHelper in your extend from Application with 2 ways:

    • Will use app name as of Preferences file name PrefHelper.initHelper(this);

    • Will use CustomName as the name of SharePreferences file PrefHelper.initHelper(this, "CustomName");

  2. How to use


         PrefHelper.setVal(KEY_BOOLEAN, true);
         PrefHelper.setVal(KEY_DOUBLE, 123.123);
         PrefHelper.setVal(KEY_FLOAT, 234.234f);
         PrefHelper.setVal(KEY_INT, 345);
         PrefHelper.setVal(KEY_LONG, Long.MAX_VALUE);
         PrefHelper.setVal(KEY_STRING, "Khang");
         UserModel userModel = new UserModel("KhangTran", 27);
         PrefHelper.setVal(KEY_OBJECT, userModel);
         List<String> stringList =  Arrays.asList("Tran", "Nguyen", "Thai", "Khang");
         PrefHelper.setVal(KEY_ARRAY_LIST, stringList);
         String[] arr = new String[4];
         arr[0] = "Tran 2";
         arr[1] = "Nguyen 2";
         arr[2] = "Thai 2";
         arr[3] = "Khang 2";
         PrefHelper.setVal(KEY_ARRAY, arr);
         Map<String, String> stringMap = new HashMap<>();
         stringMap.put("Tr", "Tran");
         stringMap.put("N", "Nguyen");
         stringMap.put("Th", "Thai");
         stringMap.put("K", "Khang");
         PrefHelper.setVal(KEY_MAP, stringMap);


    boolean booleanValue = PrefHelper.getBooleanVal(KEY_BOOLEAN, false);
    double doubleValue = PrefHelper.getDoubleVal(KEY_DOUBLE, Double.MIN_VALUE);
    float floatValue = PrefHelper.getFloatVal(KEY_FLOAT, Float.MIN_VALUE);
    int intValue = PrefHelper.getIntVal(KEY_INT, Integer.MIN_VALUE);
    long longValue = PrefHelper.getLongVal(KEY_LONG, Long.MIN_VALUE);
    String stringValue = PrefHelper.getStringVal(KEY_STRING, "Empty");
    UserModel userModel = PrefHelper.getObjectVal(KEY_OBJECT, UserModel.class);
    List<String> stringList = PrefHelper.getListVal(KEY_ARRAY_LIST);
    String[] strings = PrefHelper.getArrayVal(KEY_ARRAY);
    Map<String, String> stringMap = PrefHelper.getMapVal(KEY_MAP);


    Download and run project for simple demo

    That is, let's enjoy!

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