简介:Backport of Java 9 API for Android Studio 3.0 desugar toolchain, forked from
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android-retrostreams is a fork of the streamsupport library targeted at Android developers who want to take advantage of Android Studio 3.0 desugar toolchain's capability to use interface default & static methods across Jar file boundaries.

Utilizing this feature of desugar, the streamsupport API can be even more aligned with the original Java 8 / 9 API exposed in the java.util.function and packages. That allows for Android app's code to be much more in accordance with the standard Java 8 / 9 usage than it is now possible with the original streamsupport API (which is bound by the restrictions of supporting Java 6).

With respect to static / default interface methods the android-retrostreams public API should now be identical to the Java 9 API wherever this is possible (i.e. for all interfaces that have first been introduced in Java 8).

Supplemental helper classes, public static methods and so on that served as a replacement for the default / static interfaces methods in the original streamsupport API are now mostly gone. E.g., no j8.u.s.RefStreams class anymore - all these methods are now in the j9.u.s.Stream interface.

The online Javadoc gives a picture of the API changes.

The desugar toolchain is still in development and, of course, has some issues. Therefore it's currently not advisable to rely on its features for production use. That's the main reason for there being no final release of android-retrostreams declared as production-ready as of now.

Please give feedback here if you experience any problems.


GNU General Public License, version 2, with the Classpath Exception

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