Introduction: Backport of Java 9 API for Android Studio 3.0 desugar toolchain, forked from
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android-retrostreams is a fork of the streamsupport library targeted at Android developers who want to take advantage of Android Studio 3.0 desugar toolchain's capability to use interface default & static methods across Jar file boundaries.

Utilizing this feature of desugar, the streamsupport API can be even more aligned with the original Java 8 / 9 API exposed in the java.util.function and packages. That allows for Android app's code to be much more in accordance with the standard Java 8 / 9 usage than it is now possible with the original streamsupport API (which is bound by the restrictions of supporting Java 6).

With respect to static / default interface methods the android-retrostreams public API should now be identical to the Java 9 API wherever this is possible (i.e. for all interfaces that have first been introduced in Java 8).

Supplemental helper classes, public static methods and so on that served as a replacement for the default / static interfaces methods in the original streamsupport API are now mostly gone. E.g., no j8.u.s.RefStreams class anymore - all these methods are now in the j9.u.s.Stream interface.

The online Javadoc gives a picture of the API changes.

The current stable release is android-retrostreams-1.6.3.

Please give feedback here if you experience any problems.


dependencies {
    compile 'net.sourceforge.streamsupport:android-retrostreams:1.6.3'

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