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Introduction: Simpler, better and faster Java bean mapping framework
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NEW We are pleased to announce the release of Orika 1.5.2 ! This version is available on Maven central repository


Orika is a Java Bean mapping framework that recursively copies (among other capabilities) data from one object to another. It can be very useful when developing multi-layered applications.


Struggling with hand coded and reflection-based mappers? Orika can be used to simplify the process of mapping between one object layer and another.

Our ambition is to build a comprehensive, efficient and robust Java bean mapping solution. Orika focuses on automating as much as possible, while providing customization through configuration and extension where needed.

Orika enables the developer to :

  • Map complex and deeply structured objects
  • "Flatten" or "Expand" objects by mapping nested properties to top-level properties, and vice versa
  • Create mappers on-the-fly, and apply customizations to control some or all of the mapping
  • Create converters for complete control over the mapping of a specific set of objects anywhere in the object graph--by type, or even by specific property name
  • Handle proxies or enhanced objects (like those of Hibernate, or the various mock frameworks)
  • Apply bi-directional mapping with one configuration
  • Map to instances of an appropriate concrete class for a target abstract class or interface
  • Map POJO properties to Lists, Arrays, and Maps


Orika uses byte code generation to create fast mappers with minimal overhead.

Want to give Orika a try? Check out our new User Guide

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