Introduction: MacBook Touchbar support in IntelliJ
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This plugin adds support for the MacBook Touch bar in IntelliJ IDE's.

Right now the plugin does not support automatic update of settings, so you have two ways of updating the touch bar

  • Restart the IDE
  • Go to Appearance & Behavior -> Menus and Toolbars -> Touch Bar and press the button.


  • Customizable
  • MacBook Pro Touch Bar
  • Uses IntelliJ's structure for setup

Automatic install

The plugin can be found here on Intellij's plugin page.

  • Go To Preferences -> Plugins -> Browse repositories...
  • Search for intellij-touch and install
  • Restart the IDE and you are up and running!

Manual install

  • Download latest release from release page.
  • Go to Preferences -> Plugins -> Install plugin from disk... and select the file.
  • Restart your IDE and you are good to go!


For setting up the touch bar, go to Appearance & Behavior -> Menus and Toolbars. \ There Should now be a new menu called Touch Bar, from here you can just add items to the menu like you normally would.

Works best with actions from Main Menu as they often contains icons.

It could for example be like this


Which would generate the following


Plugin developers

If you have a plugin and would like to add support for the touch bar, you can do it easily by adding custom actions in your own actionGroup.

Remember to add icons!


Built with

  • JTouchBar - Java library for using the touchbar API on supported macbooks. Thanks @Thizzer
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