Introduction: Performance Benchmarking App for ObjectBox, SQLite, etc.
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This is an Android app to measure object persistence performance of ObjectBox, Realm, SQLite (with greenDAO as ORM).

Results are printed on the UI and saved as .tsv files. The files are located in the external storage and can be easily imported into a spreadsheet.

How to get good results

  • Tests perform differently when multiple products are selected: Thus, for more representable results, you should only run a single product at a time.
  • Go into air plane mode to avoid background apps doing sync over the network
  • Screen must be on at all times (plug device in)
  • Beware of lazy loaded properties (e.g. live objects on Realm): loading objects seems very fast because no property data is actually loaded. Thus it makes more sense to also access properties (at least once) and look add up values for load+access.
  • Also consider general notes for benchmarking on Android
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