Introduction: Show usage count for each resource
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Android Resource Usage Count Plugin


Due to IDE's find usage action cause too much memory, use this plugin will block your pc maybe after AS 3.0.

If I find some solution, i will reopen this repo.


Auto count resource usage and show it in the left of each line.

Use in Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA.

If count not show, please edit/reopen it.

Jetbrains Plugin Page

Tag to count

  • array
  • attr
  • bool
  • color
  • declare-styleable
  • dimen
  • drawable
  • eat-comment
  • fraction
  • integer
  • integer-array
  • item
  • plurals
  • string
  • string-array
  • style

Result Color

  • 0 - grey color
  • 1 - blue color
  • other - red color

Custom color in Preferences - Other Settings - Android Resource Usage Count

Path not count

  • build/
  • bin/
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