Introduction: SDK for Android to measure your apps with Piwik
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Welcome to the Matomo Tracking SDK for Android. This library helps you send analytics data from Android apps to Matomo instances. Until v4 this library was known as Piwik Tracking SDK for Android.



For the not so quick start, see here or look at our demo app

  • Setup Matomo on your server.
  • Include the library in your app modules build.gradle file

      implementation 'org.matomo.sdk:tracker:<latest-version>'
  • Now you need to initialize your Tracker. It's recommended to store it as singleton. You can extend MatomoApplication or create and store a Tracker instance yourself: ```java import org.matomo.sdk.TrackerBuilder;

public class YourApplication extends Application { private Tracker tracker; public synchronized Tracker getTracker() { if (tracker == null) tracker = TrackerBuilder.createDefault("http://domain.tld/matomo.php", 1); return tracker; } }

* The `TrackHelper` class is the easiest way to submit events to your tracker:
// The `Tracker` instance from the previous step
Tracker tracker = ((MatomoApplication) getApplication()).getTracker();
// Track a screen view
// Monitor your app installs
  • Something not working? Check here.


Android SDK for Matomo is released under the BSD-3 Clause license, see LICENSE.

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