Project Url: hanpfei/stund
Introduction: 可多物理主机部署的 STUN 服务器。
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You need to have 2 IP addresses next to each other or have 2 hosts and each of them have 1 IP address to run the STUN server.

If you have 2 IP addresses next to each other on the same host, you can: ./stun_server -h primary-ip -a secondary-ip -b

If you have 2 hosts and each of them have 1 IP address, you can: ./stun_server -h primary-ip -u secondary-ip(pub)/secondary-ip(priv) -b

STUN server version 0.97 Usage: ./stun_server [-v] [-h] [-e] [s] [-h IP_Address] [-a IP_Address] [-u IP_Address/IP_Address] [-p port] [-o port] [-d port] [-m mediaport]

If the IP addresses of your NIC are and, run this program with ./stun_server -v -h -a

If the IP addresses of one of your host is There is another host, of which the NIC is, and there is a public IP address being bind to it, run this program with ./stun_server -b -h -u

STUN servers need two IP addresses and two ports, these can be specified with: -e whether receive msg with epoll mechanism -s whether display statistics logs -h sets the primary IP -a sets the secondary IP -u sets the unbind secondary IP -p sets the primary port and defaults to 3478 -o sets the secondary port and defaults to 3479 -d sets the unbind secondary communication port and defaults to 3481 -b makes the program run in the background -m sets up a STERN server starting at port m -s runs in verbose statistics mode -v runs in verbose mode

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