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Introduction: Working examples of Google's Open Source tools and Cloud
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Working examples for using Google's Open Source tools and deploying to the cloud.

StartupOS includes

  • Google's open source libraries and tools, integrated together
  • Easy Cloud setup and deployment
  • Ready-to-run examples of Android and iOS native apps and Angular web apps.

How can StartupOS help me?

Compared to example repos (e.g, which typically have a very specific example, usually for one tool or technology, this repo shows how to integrate multiple technologies together. Often, when trying to use several tools, you run into dependency issues, integration issues, or just wonder what's the best practice for working with them together.

StartupOS can help you with working examples and best-practices that "just work" across multiple tools and technologies.

How to use StartupOS

You can:

  • Clone this repo, and then adapt it to your needs.
  • Use it as a reference and copy-paste parts of it to your own repo.
  • Use parts of it from your own repo. For an example of that, see (look for @startup_os in BUILD files)


  1. Install Bazel
  2. Run npm install (temporarily needed)

Now you can build any target you want. To build all targets and run all tests:

bazel query //... | grep -v ^\/\/third_party | grep -v *node_modules | xargs bazel test


✓ Milestone I

Working examples of:

Milestone II

Working examples of:

Other repos

Here are some other repos with examples of Bazel, gRPC and other related technologies:


If you're interested in StartupOS, please let us know! You can fill in this form:

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