简介:One of the hardest Android APIs made into a high level and easy to use library that solves all of your problems.
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CameraKit takes one of the hardest Android APIs and makes it into a high level and easy to use library that solves all of your problems.

With CameraKit you are able to seamlessly do the following...

  • Image and video capture seamlessly working with the same preview session.
  • Automatic system permission handling.
  • Automatic preview scaling.
    • Create a CameraView of any size (not just presets!).
    • Automatic output cropping to match your CameraView bounds.
  • Multiple capture methods.
    • METHOD_STANDARD: an image captured normally using the camera APIs.
    • METHOD_STILL: a freeze frame of the CameraView preview (similar to SnapChat and Instagram) for devices with slower cameras.
    • Coming soon: METHOD_SPEED: automatic capture method determination based on measured speed.
  • Built-in continuous focus.
  • Built-in tap to focus.
  • Coming soon: Built-in pinch to zoom.

Add CameraKit to the dependencies block in your app level build.gradle:

compile 'com.wonderkiln:camerakit:0.11.0'


To use CameraKit, simply add a CameraView to your layout:

    android:adjustViewBounds="true" />

Make sure you override onResume and onPause in your activity, and make calls respectively to CameraView.start() and CameraView.stop().

protected void onResume() {

protected void onPause() {

Detailed Documentation

To check out detailed docs, visit our Documentation Website



CameraKit is MIT License

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