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Introduction: Simple utility tools for Android Development
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All in one utility tool for Android (more to come soon / to be updated readme)

If you find anything we can add / improve, feel free to do a pull request :)


repositories {
    maven { url "https://jitpack.io" }
implementation 'com.github.ekimual:zenith:1.1.4'

Class Usage

zenith > utils


Used for logging, reporting error messages and making sure production version doesn't show any logs.

In Application Class

DebugLog.isProduction = false // If set to true it won't show logs since its for production.

In any class

DebugLog.showException(context, class, throwable) // Shows Throwable / Exception with context and class details
DebugLog.showError(context, string) // Shows Log in error form (RED) so we can determine it easily
DebugLog.printStackTrace(exception) // Shows error message of exception
DebugLog.justPrint("message") // Shows a log in error format


Used for checking internet availability.

CheckNetwork.isInternetAvailable(...) // Returns true or false whether it is or it isn't


Used for endless scrolling for ListViews / RecyclerViews (Pagination)

recyclerView.addOnScrollListener(new EndlessRecyclerOnScrollListener ...) // Callback onLoadMore, do what you want upon paginating.


An interface used for checking network state (internet connected, internet disconnected)

networkAvailable() // Do something when you get connected
networkUnavailable() // Do something when you get disconnected


zenith > adapters


Instead of extending to RecyclerView.Adapter, use GenericListAdapter! Easily define your models through your adapters.

Class : GenericListAdapter<*> // * can be User, Employee, People etc model classes

zenith > dialogs


Forces the date pickers to be Holo Themed

zenith > widgets


Simply a TextView that cannot be scrolled

Usage layout in XML

<NoScrollTextView ...>


Automatically handle links that are present in TextView e.g. websites, emails.


There are many more helpful classes, functions that you can use here, (To be updated)

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