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Introduction: :dizzy: The game that won the BialJam'17.
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Outlive the horde!

You're a witch. A goblin horde is after you. Survive as long as you can! Plan your actions carefully - your spells need some time to recharge!

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Created in under 40 hours (minus sleep) with KTX by a single Java backend developer and a cute graphics designer on a game jam organized by the Bialystok University of Technology. The jam's topic was 10 seconds - hence the 10 seconds delay on spell usage.

We won! Somehow.

  • @czyzby: coding, game idea, some graphics (the ugly ones).
  • @marsza: most graphics (the pretty ones).

We didn't have enough time to finish everything by ourselves - the background, some simple graphics and sounds were taken from the OpenGameArt. Sprites and spell special effects are all custom, although some designs were based on existing artworks.

Initially, we planned on creating a tower defense game where you have 10 seconds to build the base and survive through a 10 seconds wave of chicken siege. It was only after 8 hours of the jam that we came up with this concept. The initial commits contain some code and assets from the previous project - it was continued by half of our 4 person team in this repository.

The actual game looks better than the screen shots, make sure to give it a try.


Well, it was a game jam with a limited time frame. The project includes examples of poor code reuse, the worst usage of OOP there is, coroutines overuse, loading assets on demand (not via an asynchronous asset manager), and so on. It isn't exactly a prime example of a well-structured KTX game and of what the framework can do, but - well - it got the job done. Don't judge me by this code.


You can use the code in commercial projects (if you are really brave), as long as you release the sources under the same license. Graphics are published under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license: you can use them in non-commercial projects as long as you credit the authors (make sure to link to this repository) and release your assets on the same license.

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