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Introduction: Corda is a distributed ledger platform designed to record, manage and automate legal agreements between business partners. Designed by (and for) the world's largest financial institutions yet with applications in multiple industries. It offers a unique response to the privacy and scalability challenges facing decentralised applications.
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Corda is an open source blockchain project, designed for business from the start. Only Corda allows you to build interoperable blockchain networks that transact in strict privacy. Corda's smart contract technology allows businesses to transact directly, with value.


  • Smart contracts that can be written in Java and other JVM languages
  • Flow framework to manage communication and negotiation between participants
  • Peer-to-peer network of nodes
  • "Notary" infrastructure to validate uniqueness and sequencing of transactions without global broadcast
  • Enables the development and deployment of distributed apps called CorDapps
  • Written in Kotlin, targeting the JVM

Getting started

  1. Read the Getting Started documentation
  2. Run the Example CorDapp
  3. Read about Corda's Key Concepts
  4. Follow the Hello, World! tutorial


We welcome contributions to Corda! Please see our


Apache 2.0



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