Introduction: AWS Toolkit for JetBrains - a plugin for interacting with AWS from JetBrains IDEs
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AWS Toolkit for JetBrains - a plugin for interacting with AWS from JetBrains IDEs. The plugin includes features that make it easier to write applications on Amazon Web Services using a JetBrains IDE.

The toolkit is in preview and only available if built from source. This is pre-release software and we recommend against using it in a production environment.

This is an open source project because we want you to be involved. We love issues, feature requests, code reviews, pull requests or any positive contribution.


Features are broken broadly into two categories All IDEs and IDE/Language Specific.

All IDEs

These are features that will work in any JetBrains IDE you are using. They do not depend on a specific flavour of the IDE (e.g. IntelliJ, RubyMine).

Currently supported features are:


  • Credential management - the ability to select how you want to authenticate with AWS, management of several credential types and the ability to easily switch between profiles.
  • Region management - the ability to switch between viewing resources in different AWS regions.
  • Resource Explorer - tree-view of AWS resources available (e.g. AWS Lambda Functions) in your selected account/region. This does not represent all resources available in your account, only a sub-set of those resource types supported by the plugin.


AWS Lambda AWS Lambda

  • Invoke Function (Remote) - the ability to invoke an AWS Lambda Function that is deployed in your account. You provide the input (or select from a set of event templates), the plugin will invoke the function and display the response.

IDE / Language Specific Features

These features require some knowledge of the programming language/paradigm your project is authored in and thus are only available in certain contexts (e.g. IntelliJ Java Projects).

The following table shows the features that are available in various JetBrains IDEs. Minimum supported version of IntelliJ platform is 2018.2.

AWS Service Feature IntelliJ PyCharm
AWS Lambda AWS Lambda Package & Deploy :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
(no native dependencies)
AWS Lambda AWS Lambda Invoke / Debug Function (Local) :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
(no native dependencies)

NB: If a feature is available in a non-IntelliJ plugin (e.g. PyCharm) it is also available through IntelliJ if the related IntelliJ plugin is available (e.g. Python Plugin)


We use a combination of GitHub features to manage our milestones and roadmap.

  • Milestones - these are the upcoming releases for the plugin. Currently we are working towards an Initial GA release of the plugin. It has the following features in the backlog.
  • Projects - these are related areas of focus with features that could be split across multiple milestones.

Building From Source

Currently the only way to consume the plugin is to build the source and add it as a local plugin.



  1. Clone the github repository

    git clone
    cd aws-toolkit-jetbrains
  2. Build using gradle wrapper (included in the repository)

    On Linux/Mac

    ./gradlew buildPlugin

    On Windows

    gradlew buildPlugin
  3. In your JetBrains IDE (e.g. IntelliJ) navigate to Settings/Preferences -> Plugins and select "Install Plugin from Disk". Navigate to the directory where you cloned the project and select the build/distributions/ file.

  4. You will be prompted to restart your IDE.


We love contributions! Please see the the CONTRIBUTING guide for how to help.


The plugin is distributed according to the terms outlined in our LICENSE.

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