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Introduction: A reactive framework for building fault-tolerant distributed systems for the JVM
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A reactive Java framework for building fault-tolerant distributed systems

Please see the website for full documentation.

Atomix 2.1 is a fully featured framework for building fault-tolerant distributed systems. It provides a set of high-level primitives commonly needed for building scalable and fault-tolerant distributed systems. These primitives include:

  • Cluster management and failure detection
  • Direct and publish-subscribe messaging
  • Distributed coordination primitives built on a novel implementation of the Raft consensus protocol
  • Scalable data primitives built on a multi-primary protocol
  • Synchronous and asynchronous Java APIs
  • Standalone agent
  • Interactive CLI


Atomix is developed as part of the ONOS project at the Open Networking Foundation. Atomix project thanks ONF for its ongoing support of this project.


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