Introduction: Ant Media Server supports RTMP, RTSP, WebRTC and Adaptive Bitrate. It can also record videos in MP4, HLS and FLV
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Ant Media Server is an Open Source Media Server that supports:

  • Live Stream Publishing with RTMP, RTSP and WebRTC
  • WebRTC to RTMP Adapter
  • Recording Live Streams (FLV, MP4 and HLS Containers)
  • Low Latency 1:N WebRTC Live Streaming in Enterprise Edition
  • Adaptive Bitrate Conversion for Live Streams (FLV, MP4, HLS) in Enterprise Edition

Documentation & Enterprise Edition


Ant Media Server 1.2.3 Release (Feb 16, 2018)

  • Video is enabled by default for WebRTC apps
  • Bug fix: While server running on a small VPS, it could not update broadcast status everytime.

Ant Media Server 1.2.2 Release (Feb 13, 2018)

  • Add Publish Security Handler: "Allow Only Streams in Datastore" or "Allow all" can be configured via Management Console UI
  • Show non-registered live streams on Management Console when "Allow all" is active
  • Fix the problem when there is no audio in WebRTC stream while publishing
  • Add google analytic for just measure how many instances are alive
  • Publish Live Stream to Facebook Pages
  • Add new rest service endpoints that returns viewer count
  • Minor bug fixes & improvement on Management Console UI & Refactor codes

Ant Media Server 1.2.1 SNAPSHOT Release (Feb 3, 2018)

  • Enable SSL script Blog post
  • Fix No Audio or No Video issue in WebRTC Streams
  • Use specific threads for audio, video and signalling in WebRTC Community Edition

Ant Media Server 1.2.0 Release (Jan 27, 2018)

  • Web Management Interface
  • Infrastructure for WebRTC low latency
  • Bug fixes
  • Documentation

Ant Media Server 1.2.0 SNAPSHOT Release (January 14, 2018)

Ant Media Server 1.1.1 Release (August 3, 2017)

Ant Media Server 1.0RC Release (June 5, 2017)

Red5+ 1.0.1 Release (27 March 2017)


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