Introduction: :muscle: [Examples] Isolated applications purely on Kotlin, for all android devs out there
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This repository contains all the example apps demonstrating features/integrations of different libraries/functionality in your android apps purely developed on Kotlin.


  1. ActivityLifecycle download
  2. ApolloGraphQLExample download
  3. AutoCompleteTextViewWithRx download
  4. BottomSheets download
  5. BroadcastReceiver download
  6. CircularReveals download
  7. ContentProviders download
  8. CoroutineAdapters download
  9. CustomView download
  10. DataBinding download
  11. DiffUtil download
  12. EmojiCompat download
  13. FormsWithRx download
  14. GraphQL download
  15. IntentService download
  16. JacksonKotlinModule download
  17. Kodein download
  18. Koin download
  19. KotlinCoroutines download
  20. KotlinTest download
  21. MoshiExample download
  22. MVPSample download
  23. MVVMSample download
  24. ObjectAnimator download
  25. RealmDB download
  26. RecyclerView download
  27. RuntimePermissions download
  28. SharedElementTransition download
  29. SpekExample download
  30. SqlBrite download
  31. TimberExample download
  32. UsingDagger2 download
  33. UsingFirebaseJobDispatcher download
  34. UsingRetrofit download
  35. UsingRoom download
  36. UsingSpringAnimation download
  37. UsingSugar download
  38. ValueAnimator download
  39. ViewModelAndroidArch download
  40. ViewPager download
  41. BottomNavigationView download
  42. HandlerThread download
  43. MobileVisionBarCode download
  44. FingerprintAPI download

Pull Requests

I encourage all the developers out there to contribute to the repository and help me to expand it. To contribute just think up of an example which could be a feature or some demo to how to use a library. Develop the demo and create a pull request and you are in.

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Developer: Amanjeet Singh

Twitter: @droid_singh

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Inspired by

I made this repository after inspiration from this wonderful work by nisrulz. You can find his repo on following link:

Link: https://github.com/nisrulz/android-examples

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