Introduction: [ALPHA] A collection of helpers that are still all in an early stage, but some people could consider them helpful.
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A collection of helpers that are still all in an early stage, but some people could consider them helpful.

As they are alpha, they are not exposed yet on Jitpack.

Realm Auto-Migration

Note: RealmAutoMigration supports only Realm-Java 4.0.0 or higher!

Automatic migration from the currently existing schema to the currently existing model classes.

By calling RealmAutoMigration.migrate(dynamicRealm), the schema is matched between the file and the models.

The library relies on reflection.

It is recommended to apply @MigratedList on every RealmList<T> field if using auto-migration.


-keepnames public class * extends io.realm.RealmModel
-keep public class * extends io.realm.RealmModel { *; }
-keepattributes *Annotation*


It attempts to migrate the Realm schema from one version to the current models provided in the configuration.

In case of mismatch, fields defined only in schema but not in model are removed, and fields defined only in model but not in schema are added.

RealmList fields

To add RealmList field, you must specify @RealmAutoMigration.MigratedList on that field with the list type.

This properly supports both links and primitive lists.

@AutoMigration.MigratedList must be applied to detect changes in RealmList<Primitive>'s @Required annotation.


public class Dog
        extends RealmObject {
    private long id;

    private String name;

    private String ownerName;

    private Cat cat;

    @RealmAutoMigration.MigratedList(listType = Cat.class)
    private RealmList<Cat> manyCats;

    @RealmAutoMigration.MigratedList(listType = String.class)
    private RealmList<String> phoneNumbers;

Realm Pagination

The RealmPaginationManager is expected to be a singleton, and open() must be called at least once (reference counted).

Afterwards, realmPaginationManager.createLivePagedListProvider() allows creating a LivePagedListProvider<T>, which can provide LiveData<PagedList<T>> from the RealmResults.

The queries are executed on a background looper thread. The returned elements in the adapter are loaded to memory via realm.copyFromRealm().

The created RealmResults<T> should be obtained synchronously, and NOT with find*Async() method.

Realm Manager

The RealmManager class allows creating a singleton "Realm manager" class, which can provide the thread-local instance without incrementing the reference counter in Realm's cache.

  • openLocalInstance() opens a new instance, incrementing the reference count.

  • getLocalInstance() returns the currently open instance, without incrementing the reference count.

  • closeLocalInstance() closes the instance, decrementing the reference count.


Copyright 2017 Gabor Varadi

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
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