Introduction: Live streaming with real-time video filters using the Wowza GoCoder SDK
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GoCoder SDK Camera2 Shaders Example

Live streaming with real-time video filters using the Wowza GoCoder SDK™

This sample code is based on Google's shadercam library and extends the shadercam-example app with live streaming support using the GoCoder SDK. The camera preview display is based on Android's camera2 API with real-time filtering using the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL).

The shadercam-example app was updated to support live streaming by adding a new renderer class (StreamingRenderer) that uses the WZGLBroadcaster API class and WZRenderAPI.VideoFrameRenderer interface from the GoCoder SDK to encode each frame for the video stream while a live broadcast is active.

Development Requirements

Building and running the app

Follow the steps below before attempting to build this app for the first time:

  1. Copy the GoCoder SDK aar library file (com.wowza.gocoder.sdk.aar) to the gocoder-sdk-shaders/libs folder.

  2. Edit the lines displayed below, also from the StreamingShaderActivity class. with the configuration settings specific to your Wowza Streaming Engine installation or Wowza Cloud account:


Additional resources

Wowza Media Systems™ provides developers with a platform to create streaming applications and solutions. See Wowza Developer Tools to learn more about our APIs and SDK.


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This code is distributed under the Wowza Public License.

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