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== shrinkwrap-android ==

IMPORTANT: This project is currently a proof of concept and its API will probably change!

=== Introduction ===

Shrinkwrap-android is a simple Java library, primarily for use with Apkbuilder library. It assures the correct directory structure inside the archive and also helps you with creation of AndroidManifest.xml.

=== Setup ===

In your pom.xml add following dependency:


org.jboss.shrinkwrap shrinkwrap-android-depchain 1.0-SNAPSHOT

=== Usage ===

This library uses the same API as standard +shrinkwrap+ and only adds some Android specific functions.

AndroidArchive archive = ShrinkWrap.create(AndroidArchive.class);

AndroidManifest manifest = createAndroidManifest();

archive.addAsResource("resource-name", "resource-target"); # <1> archive.addClass(ClassToAdd.class); archive.addAsAndroidManifest(manifest);

archive.addAsAsset("resource-name", "resource-target"); # <2>

<1> The file will be placed into +/res/resource-target+

<2> The file will be placed into +/asset/resource-target+

Easy right? Same applies to the AndroidManifest creation. It's all just a pure code, you won't get to bother with XML at all. Each node in AndroidManifest has its own class, with getters/setters following rules set in

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