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Introduction: A source-only C++ package manager that will take you to your happy place 🏝️
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A C++ package manager that will take you to your happy place 🏝️

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The Buckaroo workflow looks like this:

# Create your project file
$ buckaroo init

# Install dependencies
$ buckaroo install boost/thread

# Run your code
$ buck run :my-app

Getting Started

Installation instructions can be found in the docs.

As a User

If you would like to use Buckaroo (as opposed to develop Buckaroo), the best place to start is the documentation.

As a Developer

Hey! 👋

Future developments are happening on the buckaroo-redux branch.

Keep an eye out for issues marked buckaroo-redux in the tracker.

If you would like to develop Buckaroo, then you will need to install Buck on your system.

Then to build:

buck build :buckaroo

To run the CLI:

buck run :buckaroo-cli

To run the unit-tests:

buck test :buckaroo-unit

To run the integration-tests:

buck test :buckaroo-integration

You can generate project files for your IDE using buck project. Please do not commit these to Git!

Please see CONTRIBUTING for more information.


What platforms is Buckaroo available for?

Buckaroo is available for macOS, Linux and Windows (preview). Please see the documentation for more information.

What packages are available?

Official packages can be browsed at buckaroo.pm.

How can I request a package?

Package requests are handled on the wishlist.

How can I create a package?

Please see the packaging guide.

How should I report a bug?

If the bug is for the Buckaroo client, please report it here. If the bug is for a specific package, please report it on the recipes repo.

Please see CONTRIBUTING for more information.

What is your contribution policy?

Buckaroo is fully open-source and we are accepting external contributions. Please see CONTRIBUTING for more information.

First time contributor? Take a look at the issue tracker for issues marked "first commit".

Another way to contribute is by writing recipes! Send a PR to this repo to add a recipe to the official cookbook. If you are looking for a library to port, the wishlist is a good place to start.

We will always take the time to review a PR! 💖

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