Introduction: Android Utils Live Code Template for Android Studio
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This plugin is still in alpha stage, so it might be unstable. Feel free to share your feedback and report issues!

This plugin is in JetBrains Plugins Repository! Get it from here.

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Live Coding Template for Android Studio. Speed up development time by adding access to important android utils snippet. Droid Snippet is currating fingertips utils needed in day to day development of android application.


Find the Droid Snippet action with CMD+J shortcut and type the initials of the utils you are looking for.

Available Utils :

  • Constants
  • Convert Utils
  • Device Utils
  • File Utils
  • ImageUtils
  • Intent Utils
  • Location Utils
  • Network Utils
  • Permission Utils
  • Screen Utils
  • ServiceUtils
  • Time Utils
  • Utils (General Utilities like isEmpty, isSpace)


Online Repository

Android Studio > Preference > Plugin > Browse Repositories > Search > Droid Snippet > Install and Restart

From Disk

Download Droid Snippet.jar > Android Studio > Preference > Plugin > Install plugin from disk > find Droid Snippet . jar> select > Install and Restart

Setting Up Project on IntelliJ


This is built off utils on Android Utils Code . This is continuously a work in progress and more utils will be added based on usage and contributions.


Before sending a PR

  • Naming Convention - Ensure naming convertion follwing the pattern. UtilsCategoryName_UtilsFunction (e.g networkUtils_isConnected)
  • Test (Application for live template resource) - ensure it's tested and works as expected.

Adequate testing will be conducted before a PR is accepted.

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