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Introduction: Simplified notification delivery for Android.
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Simplified notification delivery for Android.

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Notify (pre-)releases are available via JitPack. It is recommended that a specific release version is selected when using the library in production as there may be breaking changes at anytime.

Tip: Test out the canary channel to try out features by using the latest develop snapshot; develop-SNAPSHOT.

// Project level build.gradle
// ...
repositories {
    maven { url '' }
// ...

// Module level build.gradle
dependencies {
    // Replace version with release version, e.g. 1.0.0-alpha, -SNAPSHOT
    implementation "io.karn:notify:[VERSION]"


The most basic case is as follows:

    .content { // this: Payload.Content.Default
        title = "New dessert menu"
        text = "The Cheesecake Factory has a new dessert for you to try!"

Basic usecase

If you run into a case in which the library does not provide the requisite builder functions you can get the NotificationCompat.Builder object and continue to use it as you would normally by calling NotifyCreator#asBuilder().

Tip: You can view other notification styles on the Notification Types docs page.

Tip: Advanced usage topics are documented here.



ID Name Description
1 Icon Set using the Header#icon field.
2 App Name Application name, immutable.
3 Header Text Optional description text. Set using the Header#headerText field.
4 Timestamp Timestamp of the notification.
5 Expand Icon Indicates that the notification is expandable.
6 Content The "meat" of the notification set using of of the NotifyCreator#as[Type]((Type) -> Unit) scoped functions.
7 Actions Set using the NotifyCreator#actions((ArrayList<Action>) -> Unit) scoped function.


There are many ways to contribute, you can

  • submit bugs,
  • help track issues,
  • review code changes.
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