Introduction: Code-only GraphQL schema generation for Kotlin
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Most GraphQL libraries for the JVM require developers to maintain two sources of truth for their GraphQL API, the schema and the corresponding code (data fetchers and types). Given the similarities between Kotlin and GraphQL, such as the ability to define nullable/non-nullable types, a schema should be able to be generated from Kotlin code without any separate schema specification. graphql-kotlin builds upon graphql-java to allow code-only GraphQL services to be built.

For information on GraphQL, please visit the GraphQL website.

For information on graphql-java, please visit GraphQL Java.

Getting started


Using a JVM dependency manager, simply link graphql-kotlin to your project.

With Maven:


With Gradle:

compile(group: 'com.expedia.www', artifact: 'graphql-kotlin', version: '${latestVersion}')


Please refer to our Wiki for detailed usage information.

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